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Sex & music has it gone too far? backlash over lyrics, violence and threat to young women grows

HERE'S always been a connection between sex and music, but a new generation and new generations of technology have pushed the connection to the limits, triggering assaults, rapes and homicides all over the place and detonating a national barrage of criticism and controversy.

The most dramatic cases are known to almost all Americans, and are a matter of court record, but the most insidious and most damaging results can be seen in the miseducation of millions of Black males and the creation of a streamate climate of violence and intimidation that threatens millions of Sisterz in the 'Hood.

There are even charges, some of them unfortunately true, that some mothers and fathers have virtually pushed their young daughters into the arms of "stars" for financial reasons or, worse, for the privilege of basking in the reflected glow of the long Black limousines.

All of this has raised explosive questions about the increasingly close connection between sex and music. "We used to sing about love, losing and finding it again," says psychologist Nathan Hare of the Black Think Tank, based in San Francisco. "But now music seems to have gone into a destructive motif. Sexual ecstasy is taking the place of happiness, and this is taking away from the feeling of music and the mores and customs of the community. It's become self-destructive."